Sunday, November 18, 2012

Here I go again.

I'm generally a half glass full type of person if you haven't surmised already.
Feeling a bit discouraged today, had to unravel an entire project last night and start over.  
(extreme big sigh) 
I was knitting in the round
and have no idea how but somehow it got twisted
(big sigh).
I was being so careful. 
So no picture, just another deep long sigh.
Here I go again.
A positive, the yarn is glorious! Silk Bamboo and heavenly to touch.
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Matushka Anna said...

Oh, that sounds like wonderful yarn! What is it? (brand, etc.) I've used Patons Angora Bamboo and it's heavenly to work with. Sadly, discontinued now...

Sorry about the twisting! I know that's horribly frustrating.

Presvytera Eleni said...

Thanks Matushka. I had sadly gotten quite a fair way into the project and had been diligently checking for twisting along the way...don't know how it happened, but did. The yarn is the same! Had bought a few years ago and never seen it again, thankfully will have enough for this project and hopefully be completed for Christmas.