Monday, April 14, 2014

From Little Fields of Basil Bookshelf: The Littlest Altar Boy

Still need something for your Pascha/ Easter Baskets?
Introducing... a new feature!

Here is our very first book review.  Drum roll please...

1. What was the book about?
A boy who was afraid to go into the altar.

2. What did you like about the book?
He acts kinda like me. I liked about the book in the end he wanted to be an altar boy.
 I liked the whole book. The pictures are realistic but the pictures in his head were just drawings and I liked that.

3. Was there a lesson?
That being afraid is ok.

4. Would you recommend this book?
Yes, because it has a good lesson.
Yes and helping in the altar is fun just like the boy said in the book.

It gets 3 out of 3 basil leaves.

To learn more about this book, look at your church bookstore.
The author is Jenny Oehlman and the illustrator is Grace Brooks.
Published by Conciliar Press 2012

These were from our wonderful boy and completely his words and thoughts.
There will be more to follow. Planning on a book review every month.
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Anonymous said...

Great job, looking forward to more reviews.

Alex L said...

Great review and great book for someone interested in becoming an altar boy! Loved the 3 basils rating!!!