Monday, September 9, 2013

Laughing with Pinterest

Hey there, got your morning coffee? Got kids? Are they on the bus? or at least occupied?
Just sharing some posts seen on Pinterest, because they made me laugh, and laugh hard.
Maybe you follow me or maybe you don't on Pinterest
Either way is ok.

The other night, my husband ran into the room I was sitting, "are you ok, what happened?",
I was laughing so hard I was crying. It was silly but at that moment in time, it just hit the right chord.
Does this ever happen to you? What makes you laugh? 

Here is what had struck me.
Cat shaming. I know it's not new? I know it's cats? But, look at these two on the top right corner.
Is it the expression? Is it what they did? I'm not sure?
For those who don't like cats, there's dog shaming, equally hysterical.
I think for the dogs, because they actually look ashamed!
If you do come visit my Pinterest, for more laughs, look at Just for Fun and For the Dogs.

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