Friday, August 23, 2013

Who's at the Feeder Fridays and Happenings

So summer is winding down, and we are heading into finishing our preparations for the start of school.
Some exciting events here, we have a baby red-tailed hawk in the backyard.  Mama and baby are too fast to catch via camera, but Mama Hawk is huge. We saw her land right in front of us and our kitchen window one day, after a terrified mourning dove was trying to get away from her and hit the window. So sad, would of felt better if she had taken it then, but it clearly died on impact, she wanted something more lively I suspect for her young.  We buried it, turning it into a good learning moment.  I had to scrub the window to get the mark off. I used a great mix of detergent, rinse aid and rubbing alcohol mixed with hot water. Scrub and rinse. Super easy.

In other news, the feeder has been busy, with the usual suspects.
Can you guess what this unidentified flying bird is?
I'm sure you can guess.

We have a pretty little woodpecker visit, thankfully back to the feeder and off the house. Have you ever been in the house when this bird starts on it? Very noisy.

Which brings us to the latest visitor in our house and the reason we have not slept in two days. An incessent thrill/buzzing sound so loud you want to pull out your hair. It's actually quieter outside. Yes, we fear somehow, at sometime in the past two days a cicada or something that makes a similar sound made it's way in. We have been searching, we have failed, we are tired. I now have a keener understanding and appreciation of those who suffer with tinnitus.
God help you all-It's not pretty. 

On a lighter note.
At least, Hijinx can still relax.
Look how I found him chillin on our patio. Looks like flat squirrel is back with the heat.

What's happening at your feeders and on your patios?
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the cape on the corner said...

that squirrel is hilarious, though I admit I usually detest them.

Presvytera Eleni said...

I know! He is so comfortable, I'm glad someone else found this as funny as I did! We have been baffling and doing our best to discourage him but even the bunnies come up to the porch and look through our windows. My Dad was visiting recently and commented on the amount of wildlife we have out there and joked all you're missing is a bear.

Actually, school was late getting out last year, because they wouldn't release the kids because of a bear in the playground! That's life.

Jeanne Baney said...

Haha! I did! It made me laugh out loud when I saw how comfortable he was!