Friday, August 2, 2013

New Book: Returning the Lost Sheep: Ministry to the Alcoholic and Addict, an Orthodox Perspective

Returning the Lost Sheep:Ministry to the Alcoholic and Addict, An Orthodox Perspective
Written By Fr. Dimitrios Moraitis

My husband recently received a copy of this incredible book.
I was so excited I absconded with it and then had to share it with you.
I read it almost in one sitting, it is engrossing, with a beautiful blend of Addiction medicine, Orthodox Christian Spirituality and a practical approach to helping those in need from a clergy perspective. Albeit, helpful to others also.  It seeks to "enhance your understanding of alcoholism and addiction, and give some tools in helping alcoholics and addicts begin their road to recovery." 

Fr. Dimitri has written from such an open and thoughtful place, filled with love and compassion for those suffering, and how this impacts not only their families, but also the clergy, who as in other situations also bear a residual. I became emotional reading it more than once, having known and cared for many also afflicted.  A fantastic resource for anyone interested in identifying those at risk, beginning treatment, the long road of recovery and healthy reintegration back into the community.

If you would like a copy, it is available at:

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