Monday, July 8, 2013

Views of Sweetness

I've mentioned to you before being at one of my favorite gardens
The order and simplicity and beauty of it. 
I think I tend to over-think it and don't pull enough weeds.

 So there are two main beautiful trees that up here in the Northwest are not typical in the backyard garden. The lemon tree, you all know my affinity here. And, an enormous fig tree, which has been trained sideways to make picking the fruit, that much easier.

  It is just beautiful. He told me he covers it fully to protect it from our harsh winters. 
I will make sure to get a picture of it in its winter clothes. 

Here are two other really lovely features.
Organic and simple, and lovely.
A gourd used as a bird nest, and it is utilized.
Then an old stump turned planter, with respective mushrooming.

Here you can see the gentle curve of the pathway, the aged overhead trellis 
and veggie garden on one side and flowers on the other. 
So lovely, a garden loved.

So...what aspects are your favorites in your garden?
What would you like to add?
How does your garden grow?

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