Monday, October 19, 2015

Retreat vs Vacation

Hello my friends...

It has been a long time and I am ready to be back! The hiatus was necessary on many fronts and the hand is feeling much better.  

I recently was blessed to attend the National Sisterhood of Presvyteres Retreat in Navasota Texas. Let me say Thank you to my wonderful community for making it possible and our hosts for all the southern hospitality! Presvyteres Renee and Anna certainly are quite a team and everyone in attendance had a wonderful time. 

So why a retreat as opposed to a vacation?

Well, a vacation is defined as simply a period of time that a person spends away from home, school, or business usually in order to relax or travel”. While a retreat is the act or process of withdrawing from a difficult, dangerous or disagreeable position. It is a place of privacy and safety.

So with these definitions, who would't want a retreat and boy did I need it! Living the dream isn't always easy and it's not supposed to be, right? I have no complaints except never feeling that I have enough time for everything and wish I could give more. I suppose one day I will feel like there is too much time. Are you or have you felt this way too?

I chose the NSP retreat.  Chosen as a time to be with other women who truly understand the wonderful challenges in my life and perhaps can lend some insight to how to better manage them and be able to give more of myself and still have something left over. I was not disappointed.  A place which is peaceful to allow for reflection and the opportunity for renewal. It truly was all these things and wonderful to be surrounded by the love of these beautiful women, I am blessed to have as my friends.

So, to the Presvyteres out there that have never attended a National Retreat,  it is a truly special experience and if you attend one, I’m sure you will never want to miss another. I returned home with the same stressors and time constraints, there truly are only so many hours in a day and week, afterall. 

Yet, I am feeling so much more peaceful and able to cope with it. Waking up now in the morning and saying, "Bring it on world!"

How about you? 
Where do you find your peace? 
How do you refresh yourself?

Soon I will share the beautiful event that also happened and who greeted us, it was incredible. Stay posted...

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