Friday, June 12, 2015

Feeder Friday

This little spark of color caught my eye while I was at the sink the other day.

What is that?

So what do I do? Of course, grab the camera.
And then it turned around and I saw it.
So exciting, it doesn't take much, right?

I knew others have Orioles in their yard but we haven't had them in ours before. Clearly, our oak tree is a favorite, it's amazing we had almost lost it a few years ago.

Orange slices went out immediately.

So the list of who's in our backyard continues to grow,
 and have included: 

Red-tailed hawk, 
Mourning Doves,
and of course the ever-fave Hummingbirds.

Who's been in your backyard?

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gretchenjoanna said...

I don't have many birds in my backyard, but the most notable ones lately have been doves. When I re-landscape this year I am going to install feeders and birdbaths along with the usual plants that hummingbirds like, and benches where people can sit and watch the birds. But I doubt I will attract such a brilliant oriole!

Emily H. said...

How neat! We don't have many birds visiting our yard yet but we do have a pair of starlings with their newly hatched cuckoo baby. It's funny to see them tottering through the grass together since baby is already bigger than the parents!