Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Coffee Hour Buffet

The time has come again. Each year I like to host coffee hour in February. There are many reasons why the early part of February is important to me and I see this as a special offering.  I try each year to have some great standby's like bagels and try some new things too.

Last year, I posted what the contenders for the Coffee Hour were and then Lent was upon us and I never posted what I actually made. Go figure.  Here are some pics from last year. I didn't get a chance to take another picture once the plastic was off, as it was time to serve.

Earl Grey Cupcakes with a Lavender Frosting
 I think these are now one of favorite cupcakes, the flavors blended so well together.

Other items that made it last year were the ham and cheese pinwheels, several types of coffee cake and veggies with dip and the homemade danishes. I'll share this year's table soon. 
Definitely before Lent begins...

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