Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Olive Oil Love

How can you not love olive oil. Now think of it in a soap!

I recently received this fantastic package of olive oil based soaps, 
from Grecian Look and was asked to comment on them. 
Grecian Look is an internet based supplier of some items 
that can be hard to find outside of Greece for personal or festival use. 

My enthusiasim for these soaps is pretty high, as one of my memories from way back is actually watching my Yiayia make olive oil soap. As long as she was living we had a big hunk of it in the laundry room and bathroom. 

I know you can make your own, but for me ...

At $4 a bar, 
the price of ingredients, time and energy needed 
( I think) 
would outweigh any cost benefit 
for me to make my own.

This soap is one I have used many times. Love it!
It was the first one open and by my sink.
I have used this brand for years.

So what are the benefits of olive oil soap, where to start!  I think they are super moisturizing, use them to easily remove makeup and they are known to be hypoallergenic.

I looked up to see if there were any studies on the benefits of Olive oil and found there was one study quoted on Livestrong about olive oil creams even being used for pre-term babies.  Just sharing on this one, I have not personally ever used on a pre-term baby. Have any of you? I know when our little guy was a really little guy I did use olive oil on his scalp for cradle cap. 

Olive oil soaps are vegan, have a fresh aroma and are great at not only cleansing skin and hair (yes I said hair) but also for cleaning clothes.  

I've used the green olive soap to clean items that I have gotten oil (yes olive oil) splattered on during cooking.  I use a fair amount of olive oil, I don’t buy the conflicting research about it being dangerous, I’m not yet convinced. But do what you feel is right. For more benefits about olive oil may look here.

Back to the soap...

The soap is mild.  It makes my skin feel soft (especially when it's so dry from the winter air) and have used it in my hair (really good after being in the pool and getting the chorine out) and for cleaning clothes. 

Since it is mild enough, I have used it on the lighter weight ecclesiastical robes/vestments and altar boy robes too. Really is lovely for the whiter and lighter robes. This is hand-wash and the water is then poured into the garden as anything that has touched holy water, holy oil etc doesn't go down the sink! So being natural it isn't going to hurt my garden, you know how I love my garden.

Now here are some more kinds to explore.

The sea algae has exfoliating qualities.

Smells so sweet and clean.

I looked at the Agno website for some more descriptions about each of these, 
this is what they had listed.

They are all considered moisturizing and aromatic.
Cinnamon is also considered antiseptic and relaxing.
Cherry and Banana are reported by the company to be essential for youth's facial care and effective against cellulitis. (Who knew?)

Apricot has an aroma that is invigorating,
 I think other than the very first one, this is my fave!

So have you ever tried Olive oil soap?
What have you thought about it?

These soaps are great and will be contacting 
for more, in the future.

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Butterfly 8)(8 Bungalow said...

I really love the way the bar of soap looks. It sounds silly, but it is so pretty. xoox

Presvytera Eleni said...

Thanks, it IS pretty and feels velvety too. The dish it is sitting in has it's own story.