Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Fun Church Kids Game

Recently, I was asked to help keep our church kids group engaged for a short period of time.  
I thought about how to engage them that would be fun but informative.  
Also, wanted to help them expend some energy, as if you have ever been to Orthodox liturgy, 
the children have had to be patient for a long time.  
This time period was right after church school and so I thought of this game.  
It is reminiscent of the beach ball or balloons that used to be passed at our high school football games.
Yes, I went to a very fun high school. 
Do they still do this?

Anyway, I got a punch ball balloon from the dollar store and decided to write different  questions 
from easy to more challenging due to the age range of the children.
Some of the questions were just for fun, like "What's Father's name?"
This was my favorite question. Hee hee hee.

I tossed it to the first child and when they caught it,
they read the question in front of them and answered it.
If they were too young to read, I read it for them.
After they answered, 
they would throw it back into the air, 
then tap it towards someone else.
The kids had a blast.

I definitely will use this one again.
It was fun.
What do you all think?
What kind of games do you play?

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