Monday, January 27, 2014

They are not doing well but still hoping...

Here we are in 2014 and last year this time I was watching my orchids take off and had a sweet little fern that was doing well. 

This year, perhaps I overwatered, but no orchids at this point, and unlikely at all.  There are no leaves, all gone. And the roots above, all dried up and were brown. Just pitiful. 

I took the root ball and aired it out a bit and cut one of the roots and placed in a second container and then repotted the remainder.  I tried to allow for air and used a mixture of moss/perlite and the original pellets.  The roots below were white and some greenish, but a little soggy. I gave a tiny bit of orchid food and no extra water or ice at this point. Now we wait. Hopefully I did it right, orchids are finicky.  

I'll admit, I kept watering it but never got around to doing much else. I finally was able to take Jeanne's good advice.  All I can say is, boy are these resilient, good thing. It kept growing despite me. Here it is, back in the spot it likes the best. One with good light and ventilation, cool and warm at the same time.
See how green and the new foliage.

Here you can the see the new growth on either side of the dead center.

So, I took it out, separated them and cut out the dead overgrown part.
Replanted with good drainage and back to their favorite spot.

The one on the left is in a temporary pot, 
as I plan on putting it in a hanging basket, as the weather warms up.
Plenty of time, I know, it's not even Valentine's yet and I'm dreaming of spring.

What about you?

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Emily H. said...

Orchids always look so pretty in the stores but I've never been brave enough to try to grow one! I hope yours makes a good comeback!

Presvytera Eleni said...

Thanks Emily, I was stunned it made it through the first year, perhaps it was grandiose to think I would help one survive another?