Monday, June 3, 2013

Simple Birdbath

Birdbaths don't need to expensive or complicated. The birds just need a little water...
too much and they actually can drown.

I've seen so many different ideas in the Pinterest world of making birdbaths.
Beautiful creations out of concrete, layers of vases, hanging platters
 even some being repurposed glass plates glued to tall lamp bases.

Here's what I did.

Everything I had, and  it was easy.
I placed some flat rocks on top of each other and an old stump.
I still need to put a little rock in the middle, in order to give another place for them, to get their balance.
Later in the summer it will also help the butterflies. Although I may make them their own.
Organic simplicity?
Or just lazy?
Hey it worked! 
The little birds were able to get some water during the heat wave.
I'll go with repurposed ingenuity.

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