Sunday, July 8, 2012

Easy Bookmarks

At the end of year, I needed something small for thank you gifts and wanted it to be pretty for our own new summer reads. I looked at lots of sites for making your own bookmarks, but they all involved sewing of some type.

I am not strong at sewing, I can mend, I can place buttons, I have limits. 

So I thought why can't I just use glue?  I found this great fabric with multiple patterns at Big Lots for $3 already cut in 4x4 pieces.  I cut some cardstock paper into 2x4 pieces and sprayed adhesive glue and placed it on the fabric. Then did same for other side with a coordinating fabric. Cut them down the middle. 

Great gift idea, to go with a Bookstore gift card.

Ok, edges could be more even.

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